November 15-17, 2016
London, England

Bryan Gale

VP Product Marketing

3:25 PM Master Class: Balancing Risk- Tackling Security Challenges with AI

Modern enterprises inevitably increase their attack surface area as they adopt new and different work practices in order to better compete. In order to support this reality requires a technologically sophisticated security solution. The need for endpoint protection is really nothing new, although most organizations don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it. Traditional security suites can only protect against threats that have been previously identified. These legacy solutions sort through signatures stored in their database to determine whether an application meets their profile of a threat; once detected, the malicious program is neutralized. But this all depends on the program already existing within the database. Not only are there millions of new threats released each month, but there are new threats that are able to hide their presence and mimic other types of file. Through artificial intelligence, enterprises can secure a system against previously unknown threats, in addition to threats that may hide their malicious behaviour while under scrutiny.

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