November 15-17, 2016
London, England

Roland Cloutier

Staff VP, Chief Security Officer

2:15 PM Evolution of Security Incident Response for More Holistic Enterprise Management

Cyber crime has become easier with the increasingly digital world and the growth of the Internet of Things. The enterprise seeks proactive solutions to move ahead of hackers and cyber criminals. Corporations face the prevalence of malicious software and increasingly targeted and sophisticated attacks. Look at how to use incident response plans as proactive rather than reactive tools that may lessen the impact to your brand from a breach. Discuss emerging trends that affect cyber security including artificial intelligence and the expansion of IoT- Internet-protocol-enabled devices, which allows the collection and exchange of data.
In this session explore:
Cross-functional collaboration between stakeholders including legal, human resources and marketing, the Board, executive team and finance
Proactive approaches to minimizing the impact to the brand from a breach
Empowering and engaging users at all levels
Determining the changing attack motivation including recognition, money, crime and terror
Approaches to threat intelligence and risk management to inform decision making

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