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The frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks continue to increase and evolve as more devices are connected with the proliferation of the Internet of Things. Forward-thinking security executives balance technical and business requirements whilst battling a constantly evolving and adapting adversary. Yet as organizations evolve, cyber criminals continue new methods of attack.

Risk management is moving from just the integrity, availability and confidentiality of the data to include unintended consequences such as damage to reputation. It's no longer an option to be purely defensive in safeguarding the network so security executives are implementing proactive measures and engaging in collaborative efforts.

Humans continue to be the weakest link in data breaches with criminals using sophisticated social engineering to penetrate corporate and personal data. With the new General Data Protection Regulation going into effect in 2018, executives must evaluate the core regulatory changes, create compliance processes and enhance security postures to avoid steep penalties.

The cost of global cyber crime continues to soar. Cyber crime is not an IT problem, but a business risk.

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